vendredi 23 septembre 2016

Here’s What Happens To Your Body When You Stop Smoking Cigarettes!

Smoking is the worst habit an individual can have. Besides knowing the threats it brings, people prefer lighting a cigarette rather than taking care of their health.

If you are a smoker and are thinking about what’s your best decision in life, it would be quitting this bad habit. You will be able to feel the health benefits of this decision right away. In fact, in the first 20 minutes you will begin enjoying the advantages of being smoking-free.

Here is what’s going to happen after quitting smoking:

  1. In the first 20 minutes, the levels of your high blood pressure will be stabilized.
  2. Within 8 hours, the levels of carbon monoxide in the blood stream will be decreased by half. This will lead to normalization of the oxygen levels.
  3. Nicotine will be totally removed from the body within 2 Days, while your senses of taste and smell will get back to normal. Furthermore, the danger of cardiovascular disease will be minimized too.
  4. Within 72 hours, your energy levels will be increased and your air passages will have the ability to unwind.
  5. In 2 weeks, your blood flow will be improved and this rate will be continued in the next 10 days.
  6. Lungs capacity will be increased by 10 percent in 3-9 months. This triggers respiratory issues, such as coughing and breathing issues to decrease.
  7. In one year, your threat of heart attack will decrease by half.
  8. In 5 years, your threat of stroke will be the same as non-smokers.
  9. In 10 years, your danger of developing lung cancer will be the same as the one of people who don’t smoke.
  10. In 15 years, your risk of heart attack will be the same as non-smokers.

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